Ocean Empire Food Shop launch innovative congee, snacks and drinks irregularly, at the same, it holds different promotional campaign, in order to give a distinctive experience to enjoy Cantonese congee food.

Eat Smart@restaurant


To support the EatSmart@restaurant.hk Campaign being run in Hong Kong right now, Ocean Empire has introduced an array of EatSmart Dishes to promote healthy eating.


"Three Less Dish Series"

This season's recommendations include plain congee, soya milk, Pork Rib Congee, Pumpkin, Corn & Minced Pork Congee, as well as plain ricesheet rolls and ricesheet rolls with minced beef, fish slices or vegetables.


"Dish with More Fruit and Vegetables Series"

Green Vegetables is a fresh dish that is full of natural flavours.


Hong Kong Summer Temptations website : www.discoverhongkong.com