About Us


Ocean Empire Food Shop is the most well-established congee chain in Hong Kong, which mainly provides traditional Cantonese congee favorites. It puts a lot of effort into maintaining the traditional flavor of congee and at the same time keeps developing innovative congee, ricesheet rolls and snacks products by adding new elements, in order to cater to different customer needs.

The branches of Ocean Empire Food Shop provide a comfortable environment for customers. The shop’s design also allows everyone to enjoy watching the whole production process of ricesheet rolls and deep fried Chinese crisps. These aim to bring the best dining experiences for our customers.

Ocean Empire International Ltd. established its business since 1992. It mainly operates Ocean Empire Food Shop and Welldone Food Company (Central Factory) and the sales of traditional Cantonese congee favorites. The vivid image of its scrumptious food, well-proven sanitary, first-rates quality and impeccable customer services, the company has applied the up-to-date management skill to the conventional congee business, and becomes the first congee chain shops in Hong Kong. Over a decade, the introduction of ISO22000, HACCP and 5S management system, became the first catering organization obtaining HACCP and 5S certification in the industry. The group now wholly owns all branches and has developed into a market and customer-oriented corporate with leading and newfangled management. 

In view of more than 10 years development of Ocean Empire, we have obtained certain achievements, however, we are not content with our present achievements, because self-complacence will be the baffle of our future development.

The situation in Hong Kong is changing, the taste of consumers goes along the change, at the same time, there are more and more competitors joining in the dietetic industry. Facing such situation, we need to develop and enlarge, but what should we do? There are various answers to the question, but anyhow strong team spirit should be our support.

Team spirit is neither an oral call nor the orders from leaders nor the echo of staff callings that can make great achievements. Actually, all staff from various positions should grasp team spirit. Everyone in the Company should not only have common awareness, but also have coherent aspiration. In order to realize our common ambitions, all the staff should unite and should make effort together for future success.

All staff in the Company will share the achievements as soon as they exert the collective power called the teamwork spirit and run to the common target. Although the road is rough, the future is promising.

Managing Director

"5S Management" containing 5 sets of laws including Structurise, Systematise, Sanitise, Standardize and Self-discipline, is regarded as a prototype for environment and the upgrade of quality and efficiency.

Beginning from the year-end of 1999, Hong Kong Association of 5S inaugurated a "5S Company Certification Plan". Ocean Empire Food Shop was invited to be the first enterprise to participate in and passed the certification successfully. It became the leading food shop in Hong Kong attaining the "5S Management Certificate". The largest reward that the company gained from this certification was to let all staff understand and recognize more about the "5S Management" so as to establish their sense of self-discipline. The culture of "5S Management" has then been deeply rooted in Ocean Empire.

The company in each year would keenly sponsor all offices, workshop section heads and branch supervisors to receive training from the Principal Franchised Assessor of "5S Management", Professor Ho Guang Ming, lead Assessor and Founder Chair of 5S Association, with the purpose to extend this "5S Management" to all these locations.

By setting up an internal "5S Audit Team" and organizing two times as a year the "5S Management Assessment Election", not only the best performed shop and Factory are elected, the actual realization of such management in offices, Factory and branches could be closely monitored.